Tuesday, 6 September 2011

One Stuffed Owl

I'm ready for bed with my teddy...
At last I've finished the toy owl.  I was dreading sewing it up as there were so many fiddly bits.  I almost got the claws wrong but my daughter managed to work out what to do.  She also did all the stuffing!  It's not perfect, but then it is my first toy!  The teddy is supposed to be sewn on with the sleeved wing holding it, but my daughter wanted the wings free so that it could "fly" - hence the safety pin to keep the wing in place when it holds the teddy.  I have an idea it might be called "Clawdius" - I'll let you know if it changes!  

 Apparently I'm going to be knitting a girl version of this owl sometime, with a pink nightdress and pink bobcap (anyone know how to knit a bobcap??!)  Next year, I said desperately, please, next year....I just want to knit easy jersies until Christmas!  I could make a list of the things that went wrong with this toy, not least of which the eyes look a tad odd.  The teddy is also an odd shape which might have something to do with my drawing in the neck too high up....but if I hadn't told you, you might not have known, so I won't mention the other errors!  My daughter likes it.  I think that's all that counts.

She's quite fond of owls, as you can see from the photo below: the two next to the teddy are actually Christmas tree decorations.  The family of three on the right are owls she made herself from a kit we bought from John Lewis.  She decorated the owl house herself!  (There are also some mice somewhere but perhaps they were better left out as they might have been eaten....)

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