Monday, 21 November 2011

Killing II Sweater

The Radio Times goes knitty!  Actually, I hate the word "knitty."  You can tell I've been reading too many knitting magazines - they use it a lot!  The Killing II has started on BBC 4 and with it, the advent of a new sweater.  Not nearly as striking as the first one, that snowflake pattern which I now see copied on absolutely everything.  Apparently it costs £300!  I tried to find out more about the wool used in this new, red pattern, but the website was in Danish (it would be) and despite the fact that Google proudly announced that it had just translated it for me, it hadn't.  Thanks Google.

Here's the pattern anyway.  Not something I can see myself knitting...not until I actually know how to wield circular needles!

Sarah Lund in her new red sweater

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Something I can wear!

It's done!  Again!  I've finished that Gedifra top!  Yes, it's the second time I've finished it but almost the moment I'd done the first time, I realised that the bottom rib was too tight and too short.  So with much painstaking swearing and cursing, I undid it and reknitted it.  Obviously the unpicking was much more tricky than expected.  When is anything ever easy!  But thank the knitting god for inventing mattress stitch because it hides so well all those bad edges! Unless you looked inside the jersey at the seams, you'd never know what a battle I had!

I just love these colours!  They really suit me too!
Oh, it's so lovely to have something to wear that I knitted that actually works!!

The whole story:  The Art of Knitting Badly, On the needles (4), The Queen of Bad Knitting, Stripy Gedifra Top

Friday, 11 November 2011

Pictures at last!

At last some photos of the yellow jersey!  For all those thousands of fans (har dee har har) that have been waiting with baited breath, here they are at last! What a hassle to get them, though.  My computer suddenly, for no fathomable reason, refuses to read the memory card and doesn't recognise the camera when plugged in to a USB port.  I don't know what's going on and worse, my warranty has just run out so I can't even phone someone to ask without incurring vast charges.  So I'm doing this on my daughter's computer which isn't half  as much fun, I confess.  (It's a laptop and I'm not that good on the keyboard so all this is taking hours....)

This is a lovely and warm jersey - the colour is quite golden and delicious for these grey November days

I think I did a very neat job on this!  (For a better idea of the colour, check the next two photos as they are much brighter...)

You can't even see the error on the neck!

The heart pattern makes a very plain jersey quite pretty, I thought!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Golden Jersey for Autumn

What a relief to finish the banana jersey - although "golden" is probably a better description of the colour.  I knitted so much last weekend that my knitting callous (on the little finger of my left hand) got rather sore!  The last bit of knitting was the high neck, which I decided to do longer than the pattern required as my daughter likes to keep warm.  On Sunday afternoon, I was five rows from the end when I suddenly realised that I'd picked up neckline stitches all the way to end of the left shoulder!  How could I have been so stupid!!  I was quite distraught - all that hard WAY was I going to pull out nearly fifty rows of rib.  I was just going to have work a miracle.

Turned out to be easier than I thought:  I cut a stitch, picked up on the edge, carefully pulled out the ten or fifteen stitches or so that needed to come out, carefully cast off.....and it all worked out very well.  Had a bit of extra neck, if you see what I mean, but once I'd sewn it all up, you'd never know that I had to do a bit of overlapping.  I thought that was a VERY clever save!

Took me three days to sew it up, mostly because time was suddenly very short this week as I started a new job.  Haven't quite gotten into the routine yet.  But I'm awfully pleased that I made my target and finished (knitting, at least) on the day I'd intended.

(...many frustrated decades later....)
For reasons I can't fathom, my computer can't read the camera card, whether directly or via a cable plugged into the camera.  Never had a problem before.  Must be the damn card.  Aaaaargh, does this mean the end of my blog....?