Friday, 11 November 2011

Pictures at last!

At last some photos of the yellow jersey!  For all those thousands of fans (har dee har har) that have been waiting with baited breath, here they are at last! What a hassle to get them, though.  My computer suddenly, for no fathomable reason, refuses to read the memory card and doesn't recognise the camera when plugged in to a USB port.  I don't know what's going on and worse, my warranty has just run out so I can't even phone someone to ask without incurring vast charges.  So I'm doing this on my daughter's computer which isn't half  as much fun, I confess.  (It's a laptop and I'm not that good on the keyboard so all this is taking hours....)

This is a lovely and warm jersey - the colour is quite golden and delicious for these grey November days

I think I did a very neat job on this!  (For a better idea of the colour, check the next two photos as they are much brighter...)

You can't even see the error on the neck!

The heart pattern makes a very plain jersey quite pretty, I thought!

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