Thursday, 6 October 2011

Undoing the undoable

At last Autumn is upon us:  cooler mornings, fresher evenings, clearer skies (well, sometimes, given the endless grey of London) and a chance to wear my new Gedifra top....only to find that it doesn't really fit!  Grrrrr!  It's not just the tight casting off at the lower edge, but also the fact that it's a tad too short.  And the wrong shape.  But let's not go there because I can't fix that.  So MORE unpicking coming up.  This must the most unpicked item I've ever worked on.  Is it worth, I ask myself.  I only have to look at the delicious colours to convince myself that it is!  So I'm going to undo those hems and keep knitting until I run out of wool.  Haven't got much left and I'll have to add a lot more pink.  Am I heading for disaster?  Could it get any worse than it already is?
Do I just want to go away and knit something else?!

I could knit myself a man....has anyone else seen the utterly gorgeous bloke on the front cover of Rowan's Dalesmen?  All wild and brooding and blue there's someone I'd sweat over complex cable for.  I wonder if I can grab a piccie of it from somewhere....

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