Sunday, 14 April 2013

Striped jumper for Spring

Owing to a shoulder injury that suddenly got a lot worse in January, my Gedifra jacket is currently on hold - the very large needles were really difficult to work ski poles!  Also, I was trying to knit the collar, which meant holding the entire project on my lap - very heavy indeed.  (What actually happened is that I messed up the collar and had to pull it out....great reason to abandon it for the moment...!)
Fortunately I can still knit with fine needles and a lightweight wool.  I made some terrific leggings for my daughter out of my stash and and currently knitting her a stripey jersey which is ostensibly for Spring, but it's slow-going so will most likely be for early Summer!

Delicious stripes for Spring
I'm using what I've got left of the Bergere de France Ideal (featured elsewhere in this blog) and Hayfield Bonus DK, which I used when making that toy owl.  The Ideal is 4 ply and a better quality wool than the very cheap Bonus but you don't notice it particularly unless you went very close!  My daughter chose the stripe pattern, which I wasn't sure about at first but seems to be working out.  The colours are very fresh and it's lovely working with something that's so easy when my shoulder hurts so much!

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