Friday, 19 August 2011

On the needles (4)

Here it is, the lovely Gedifra Fiorista bought on a sale at John Lewis - only got 6 balls, so not enough for anything!  I thought I'd knit a tank top, something fun to wear over rapidly aging T-shirts.  I knew at some point that I was going to run out of wool so I planned on 3 balls for the front, 3 for the back, the yoke in a lighter colour and the armhole and neck ribs in something bright.  Hunting about on the internet was no good - I couldn't be sure the colour was exact enough and choosing a substitute yarn that was going to have a similar tension was going to be hugely hit and miss!  By chance I found myself in Liberty's (I think I was having a miserable Sunday....not the best day to hit Oxford Street but it proved to be auspicious!) and with some help from the Rowan assistant, found some Belle Organic Aran by Amy Butler.  It's a wool/cotton while the Gedifra is cotton/acrylic, but they seem to work well together.  While the pinky colour seemed to blend in with the bright Gedifra shades, it looks a bit dull now that I'm knitting it.  However, it's not done yet!  The colour for the ribs is a bright orange and I think it'll all pull together well!

Even if it doesn't, it hardly matters....the stripes are so lovely, who's going to look at my mistakes!

Bad knitting saved by beauty!

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