Sunday, 28 February 2016

Giant Cream Cushion

I can't believe it's an entire year since I last posted anything!  This doesn't mean I haven't been knitting, though - I NEVER stop knitting!  It's just possible that My Other Life (the one that doesn't have knitting in it) has been intruding a bit much.  Anyway, I'm back and will make an effort to catch up, starting with my Giant Cushion.  This cushion actually started life as one of those neck cushions – you know:  designed to support your neck while you sleep.  I've been through several of these and have come to the conclusion that only angels can support my neck while I sleep as none of them work.
Now imagine a jumper knitted by someone who couldn’t read a pattern, using thick, cheap, nasty acrylic yarn, back in the days when jumpers were basically vast tunics.  Horrors!  But the colour of the yarn was lovely – a rich, buttery cream.  I don’t recall ever actually wearing this jumper and as it was knitted in my pre-knitting days, it’s been at the bottom of a box for decades.  I had already taken it apart before it occurred to me to take a photo of it – never mind.  Just think HUGE.  The yarn might be cheap and nasty but perfect for furnishing.  It was lovely to knit with too – about the best thing you can say about cheap acrylics.  I used my lace rib pattern for this which I got to know so well that I could knit it in the dark.  It took a LONG time to knit but it’s done and the cushion is now used mostly as a rest for my sore foot......but that’s another story!

Lace Rib
Closer view of rib

I knitted four "scarves" to fit the cushion, two shorter, two longer.  The longer ones fold over the end of the cushion to button closed.

The pattern stood out more clearly once it was on the cushion

Not exactly a work of art (those end bits are a bit untidy) but I like it

I used pretty buttons I'd been saving for a worthwhile project - buttonholes already provided!

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