Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lace Rib Scarf

After the disastrous Bad Bolero from hell, I decided to ease the pain by knitting something restful and relatively easy.  I've not knitted anything lacy before but this rib was very easy.  I used Debbie Bliss Prima, which is a deliciously smooth bamboo/wool mix, really lovely to knit with.  I think it's still available, though I bought a ten-pack at a John Lewis sale in January.

The pattern is as follows:

Multiple of 4 sts plus 1 (I used 25 sts)
Row 1 (RS)  *P1, k3; rep from * to last st, p1
Row 2 K1, *pi, yo, p2tog, k1; rep from *
Row 3 As row 1
Row 4 Knit

It was easy to get into a rhythm with this pattern, particularly since I used stitch markers.

I used about 2 to 3 balls and it's very long but looks fab!  At last something that isn't BAD knitting!!

The final product!

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  1. Sorry - my bad typing! Row 2 should read: "k1, p1 ..." (not pi)