Monday, 11 July 2011

On the needles

On three, in fact.  I've not knitted with DPNs before and wanted to try something that would take my mind off the useless garments I've been knitting lately.  At first I found them impossible - needles sticking in every direction, getting stabbed with every stitch...also, the yarn is a tad thick for the one and only pair of DPNs I have (free on the front cover of a magazine.)  They're bamboo as well, which I've not knitted with before, and I'm terrified I'm going to break them.  I already have a reputation of bending aluminuim needles (somebody asked me if I was Uri Gellar once.) 
This is what my tube of knitting looks like so far:

The yarn is great fun to knit with:  it's wool rich Sirdar Escape DK and changes colour from pink to purple and various shades inbetween.  I made a jersey for my daughter with it which she loves, so at least I got that right!

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