Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lovely Woollies

Two catalogues full of delicious winter woollies have come my way this week.  I can only dream about the contents as they are a tad out of my price range but they have given me some knitting ideas as well.
I really fancy those wrist warmers!  I've seen all sorts but none knitted so finely and so long;  usually they're quite chunky or madly striped or cabled.  Gives me ideas on how to use that cream wool/silk I bought a while ago at the inevitable sale.  Am reluctant to make an actual garment having had so many failures this year.  Perhaps some wristies would be just the thing...

I love all these woolly items...!

The other catalogue is full of pictures of the Cornish coast which makes me want to move to the seaside at once.  That's me you can see walking down long, cold, wild, windy beaches with my daughter and my dogs and my imaginary man, wearing my big sheepskin boots and cool jeans and cable socks, seriously gorgeous knitwear keeping me warm, along with log fires, big stews and bookshelves full of my published novels....well, that's my idea of heaven, anyway.  In the meantime, I'll just make do with my dreams.

Dream on...

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