Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Endless Banana

After several diversions, I'm finally back knitting the yellow jersey for my daughter.  I sometimes wonder if I'm ever going to finish....but I've set myself a target, one that so far, seems impossible.  It has to be done by Halloween!  I'm on the second sleeve and then it's the rib neck which I want to do quite long.  And then there's the sewing up!  I've got less than a week to do this and seem to be knitting less and less every day.  Grrrr.....but I'm determined!  Let's see how I go!
Here is the same jersey but knitted in stripes, along with the seriously cool flower scarf I made to go with it.  This photo, in all its full glory, appeared in the Spring Issue (79) of Simply Knitting.

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