Friday, 1 February 2013

Saved by Diandra

After the horrible disaster of my five-foot wide cardigan, I dived deep into my wool box and hauled out the Gedifra Diandra I bought on sale several years ago at John Lewis - back in the days when they actually had proper sales.  It's quite chunky but different patterns require different needle sizes - 8mm seems to work best.  It's the most deliciously soft wool mixed with 15% linen and it's SUCH a shame that they discontinued it.  Why do they always discontinue lovely wool??  This seems to be an eternal problem.  It only cost £1 a ball on the sale so I bought about 40 balls in lilac, a sandy beige colour and a reddish brown.  They are all still available if you look very hard on the internet, but no one has the creamy colour left, which is a great shame:  I would have loved to have knitted with it.  I need hardly say that it's a pleasure to knit with AND it goes really fast.  My confidence as a knitter has returned somewhat!
Really need to get my act together and get some pictures taken.  In the meantime, this is what the front looked like when I was knitting it:

I didn't have enough lilac for the jumper, so decided to stripe it with the beige colour.  Not ideal but honestly, the jersey is so lovely and soft and warm and pretty, it doesn't matter if it isn't a work of art. I also - cleverly, I thought - did the sleeves first so that when I was finished the hardest part (the V-necked front knitted separately), it meant I was nearly finished.  I had to knit the front edging about three times before I got it right and it's still not ideal but it'll do.
I'm now knitting cable mitts (Yes!  Me!  Cable!!) with the beige colour and they look so fab my daughter wants some too...

Photos at the weekend, I promise!

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