Saturday, 23 February 2013

A puzzled knitter

I run two blogs - this is the first one and has been going for some time now (I think it might run into years.)  And yet I have much greater difficulty running this blog than I do my Wordpress one.  I simply can't figure out how to like or follow other knitting blogs.  How dumb is that?!  You would think it would be totally straightforward but if it's a Wordpress knitting blog, I would end up having to use my Wordpress avatar, which totally defeats the purpose of finding other knitting buddies.  If you are a knitting blogger, reading this, and thinking, "good golly, she really is stupid!" then, please, tell me what I'm doing wrong!  I can't even figure out how to add links to other bloggers websites onto my blog!  And yet I do quite advanced stuff on my Wordpress blog.  Does this mean that, basically, the Wordpress is easier to control, navigate, build etc etc?  It's a lonely business making hash after hash with my knitting - I'd really like to meet others with all the enthusiasm but none of the skill.  I am, needless to say, a tad intimated by those marvellous women who knit several thousand toy rabbits a day and sell them, while dealing with heart-rendering family problems.

In the meantime, here is my current project:  the Gedifra jacket.

Pattern pic
Previous attempt - FAR too small but reasonably well knitted

Without flash - better colour definition


I started with the sleeves as I've discovered this is a great way of tackling immediate problems - if you don't like it, there's not much work to pull out!  (Specially in this case as the sleeves are short.)  I followed the pattern exactly and yet not only are they different lengths but neither of them have ended up with seven stitches after decreasing!  This sort of thing drives me mad because I don't know whether it's me (have I misunderstood the pattern somehow?) or the pattern itself (long since discontinued so no one to ask.)  I've got them both on stitch holders and will measure them once I've finished the back and front.  That way, I might actually get perfectly fitting sleeves.
Or have to reknit them entirely.
The pattern stitch I'm using is one row purl, one row k1,p1 rib.  Very effective!

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  1. This looks lovely!
    Have you pulled it out to re-knit in a diff size?
    Re blogs - I have NO IDEA what I am doing... but mine is Wordpress too and I manage OK-ish, so not sure I can help on another platform. Whats your other blog?