Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Gedifra Jacket Finally Finished

The reknit of this project was abandoned a couple of years ago as I developed an extremely painful shoulder.  It has since spread into my other shoulder too and I found working with heavy wool and huge needles utterly impossible.  I've not knitted with anything bigger than 4 mm for quite a while now!  However, my shoulder (the really bad one) is finally getting better:  2 injections, several physios and some rather strange medical acupuncture seem to be doing the trick.  And endless exercises.....did I mention the endless exercises....?!  But having finished one project this week, I decided to have a go at this one and finally it's done.  I hadn't knitted it badly the first time but it was too small and too tightly knitted, making it murderously  hot to wear.  So I used bigger needles than I was supposed to and made the biggest size and at last I've got an autumn jacket with a bit of swing.  Just in time for autumn, in fact!  (Summer being over, at last.)  As it's quite roomy, I've decided to close it with my shawl pin rather than add buttons.  It looks a little flat lying on my bed here, but honestly, it does look better on!
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