Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Golden Jersey for Autumn

What a relief to finish the banana jersey - although "golden" is probably a better description of the colour.  I knitted so much last weekend that my knitting callous (on the little finger of my left hand) got rather sore!  The last bit of knitting was the high neck, which I decided to do longer than the pattern required as my daughter likes to keep warm.  On Sunday afternoon, I was five rows from the end when I suddenly realised that I'd picked up neckline stitches all the way to end of the left shoulder!  How could I have been so stupid!!  I was quite distraught - all that hard WAY was I going to pull out nearly fifty rows of rib.  I was just going to have work a miracle.

Turned out to be easier than I thought:  I cut a stitch, picked up on the edge, carefully pulled out the ten or fifteen stitches or so that needed to come out, carefully cast off.....and it all worked out very well.  Had a bit of extra neck, if you see what I mean, but once I'd sewn it all up, you'd never know that I had to do a bit of overlapping.  I thought that was a VERY clever save!

Took me three days to sew it up, mostly because time was suddenly very short this week as I started a new job.  Haven't quite gotten into the routine yet.  But I'm awfully pleased that I made my target and finished (knitting, at least) on the day I'd intended.

(...many frustrated decades later....)
For reasons I can't fathom, my computer can't read the camera card, whether directly or via a cable plugged into the camera.  Never had a problem before.  Must be the damn card.  Aaaaargh, does this mean the end of my blog....?

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