Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Something I can wear!

It's done!  Again!  I've finished that Gedifra top!  Yes, it's the second time I've finished it but almost the moment I'd done the first time, I realised that the bottom rib was too tight and too short.  So with much painstaking swearing and cursing, I undid it and reknitted it.  Obviously the unpicking was much more tricky than expected.  When is anything ever easy!  But thank the knitting god for inventing mattress stitch because it hides so well all those bad edges! Unless you looked inside the jersey at the seams, you'd never know what a battle I had!

I just love these colours!  They really suit me too!
Oh, it's so lovely to have something to wear that I knitted that actually works!!

The whole story:  The Art of Knitting Badly, On the needles (4), The Queen of Bad Knitting, Stripy Gedifra Top

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