Monday, 21 November 2011

Killing II Sweater

The Radio Times goes knitty!  Actually, I hate the word "knitty."  You can tell I've been reading too many knitting magazines - they use it a lot!  The Killing II has started on BBC 4 and with it, the advent of a new sweater.  Not nearly as striking as the first one, that snowflake pattern which I now see copied on absolutely everything.  Apparently it costs £300!  I tried to find out more about the wool used in this new, red pattern, but the website was in Danish (it would be) and despite the fact that Google proudly announced that it had just translated it for me, it hadn't.  Thanks Google.

Here's the pattern anyway.  Not something I can see myself knitting...not until I actually know how to wield circular needles!

Sarah Lund in her new red sweater

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